About Alex Pardo

Alex Pardo is a native of Miami, FL and graduated from Florida International University before entering the corporate world with GE Consumer Finance. It did not take him long to realize that working 70+ hours a week for someone else would not fulfill his dream of helping others while at the same time designing the lifestyle he visioned since he was a child.

After two long years of climbing the “corporate ladder”, Alex decided to travel around Western Europe for 3 months in 2005 before coming back to Miami to become a full time real estate investor and business owner.

Within 1 month of launching his real estate investing business Alex landed his first deal which was a short sale that lasted 3 months and made him almost as much money as what he was earning in Corporate America. Needless to say he hasn’t looked back…

He currently owns a few businesses and is determined to provide value to other entrepreneurs while maintaining a successful investing career. He has trained with many of top experts / “gurus” in the world of real estate investing and is dedicated to bringing quality information to real estate professionals across the country.

Alex lives by the philosophy that in a world where most people live “pay check to pay check” and have just enough to live a “comfortable” lifestyle, that having the right mindset and positive attitude, along with goal setting, time management, and strategic leverage are more important than ever to ones success.

Alex is a “visionary” and constantly strives to improve himself and others around him…

To learn more please email Alex at: alex@reivipinnercircle.com or visit: